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Find a wheelchair and thousands of other items in the Omni Rentals app. Reserve yours with a few clicks, and an Omni concierge will quickly deliver it to your door.


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How It Works

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We Deliver

Whether your need is for only a few hours, days, or even several weeks - our concierge team is standing by from 7.30am-8.30pm to deliver (and pick up) for you.

Find What you need

Omni gives you fast access to a thousand items within a few clicks via our website or iOS App. Locate the home health gear and other item categories you might need.

About Omni

We are an on-demand rental service in Portland. Our rentals App makes it easy to find & reserve the items you need, and schedule a delivery time with our concierge in a few clicks. All rental items are owned by community members, managed and maintained in a secure warehouse by our team. When someone rents an item, we thoughtfully deliver and pick it up as if it were ours, and split the rental earnings with the owner. This allows us to focus on great service, while keeping rental rates low, and providing delivery to our renters.